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We proudly serve Trager Brothers Coffee,

100% Organic, 100% of the time.

We feature a Dark-roasted Espresso with Full Roasted flavor, perfect acidity, light smooth finish with the coffee roasters touch— a blast of crunch from the dark-roasted bean.

Coffee Drinks

Organic free-trade espresso with steamed organic milk


Organic free-trade espresso with steamed organic milk and a generous topping of velvety milk foam


Rich, full-flavored organic free-trade drip coffee


Organic free-trade espresso with hot water for a smooth cup of coffee


Café con Leche
Brewed coffee served with freshly steamed milk


A rich Espresso Latte made with steamed organic cream


Espresso, organic chocolate syrup, and steamed organic milk


A straight shot of the pure essence of coffee


Espresso Macchiato
An espresso shot served with a dollop of fresh foam.


Black Eye
Organic freshly brewed coffee with a double shot of espresso


Specialty Drinks


Steamed organic milk flavored with a delicious organic syrup


Hot Chocolate
Organic chocolate syrup and hot steamed organic milk


Hot Tea
Our selection of black, green, or herbal. Organic, fair-trade.


Chai Latté
A delicious blend of organic tea, honey, vanilla and spices steamed with milk


Hand Crafted Sodas
Sparkling soda water flavored with an organic syrup


Iced Tea
Brewed fresh every morning, organic British Breakfast


Anything served hot can be made iced per your preference! 

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